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An important component of the Kreis Tool's Quality System is the ease of communicating preventive and corrective actions to management AND of incorporating changes resulting from actions into the system.

The User Comments Web is a key tool to communicate ideas from any interested party, including employees, customers, suppliers or any party wishing to contribute.

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Let's add some subject areas in the User Comments Web along with the comment plugin.

-- SteveKreis - 06 Aug 2008

from Pete: On the corrective action form I don't see any place to put the part number or Job number. I think this is something we have to look at.

Also: Here is a reminder that we have to go over the production process overview flowchart. We have to talk about what should be first.....ordering material or making a traveler or router.

-- SteveKreis - 13 Oct 2008

Process Audit ideas: Collect info before audit as follows:

  • Process Name
  • Process Owners
  • Top Level Control Procedures
  • Sub-process Procedures
  • Key Personnel
  • Inputs to Process
  • Summary of Process Steps
  • Output from the Process
  • Next Step in the Process
  • Documents and Records Reviewed By the Auditor.

Not an audit to the standard or the elements; an audit to the process

-- SteveKreis - 14 Oct 2008

Right now, we have flowchart attachments in Quality Policy Web AND procedure web. Some are duplicates. Should be all in one place.

Also, need to protect flowcharts. (Joe got to wrong FC via Index on main page)

-- SteveKreis - 24 Nov 2008

Where are we filing the routers/travelers when the job is finished? I don't see this on the flowcharts.

-- SteveKreis - 25 Nov 2008

Victor the auditor thinks our routers are to generic.He feels that when we have milling or turning on our router which may cover 4 different operations it does not cover enough detail and instructions.

-- PeteKeller - 25 Nov 2008

Have to discuss what we do with all the routers we generate when were finish with a job.Example is the boeing dolly job!

-- PeteKeller - 26 Nov 2008

When we generate routers we should put the operations in sequence on how we want the part to be made.

-- PeteKeller - 29 Apr 2009

Information on the routers is not being completed correctly. We are not putting Po#'s on the routers for material,we are not putting the po's on the router for the outside processes.

-- PeteKeller - 29 Apr 2009

We have to discuss Bom sheets. I've noticed that we have quote sheet and a bom sheet. We have to try and make a simplified quote sheet that if we get the order we can make that into our bom sheet. Do we really need all that information on the bom sheet and do we really need all those columns?

-- PeteKeller - 30 Apr 2009

We have to discuss about trying to generate all travelers or routers in our jobboss system. We might be able to do this by using the components section for each government job under the job number.

-- PeteKeller - 30 Apr 2009

We need to set up a computer station out in the shop where employees can have access to it. To get into twiki so they can enter comments or read the quality manual or we also can figure out some kind of system where employees can put information in about a part that should be machined differently....for example a part might have holes for a name plate on the assembly drawing but not on the part drawing.

-- PeteKeller - 30 Apr 2009

-- SungYong - 08 May 2009

Feedback to the comments made in TWIKI - Feedback to the comments made-08.May 2009

These comments will be reviewed at monthly management review meetings; this is an important source of continuous improvement ideas.

-- SteveKreis - 11 May 2009

-- AldoAndrade - 14 May 2009

-- AldoAndrade - 14 May 2009

I suggest that we shouldnt put any jobs to the shipping area with out a router or shipping paperwork especialy if it's not identified by any job number or part number.

-- AldoAndrade - 14 May 2009

Jobs ready to ship must be moved along with a router or shipping paperwork to the shipping area.

-- AldoAndrade - 14 May 2009

Revisions on Router does not always match the prints. We should always put the revision of the print that's be used for manufacturing and inspection. This way there will be no confusion later.

-- JoeGonzalez - 19 May 2009

If we receive a part from a outside process and we reject that process from the vendor I don't see anthing in our flowcharts or procedures on how to handle the situation. Do we use the same po whan we send back the parts? Do we use a -r on the po instead? Do we write up a scar when we send the parts back?

-- PeteKeller - 29 May 2009

On our supplier corrective action request form there should be a job number reference on the form.

-- PeteKeller - 02 Jun 2009

Avoid using PDFs in the TWIKI system. Use the TWIKI editor to write, edit and manage your written system documentation. PDFs are good for graphic items or Flowcharts but they are problematic for WRITTEN processes, procedures or work instructions. This is because the system does not automatically manage PDF documents in the same way it manages web pages created within the TWIKI system.

-- SteveKreis - 14 Jun 2009

comment by Joe Kunst/ suggested by AS9100 auditor Have one shelf in chemical cabinet dedicated to controlled materials/ put expired or non-controlled material in different place

-- QualitySystemKreisTool - 22 Jul 2009

Thank you for training!

-- QualitySystemKreisTool - 03 Aug 2009

Marian is trained today!

-- QualitySystemKreisTool - 03 Aug 2009

The Quality inspection flowchart, note 2 states that a Bill Of Material is produced for every government job. This is not true. Example : Northrop single part orders do not have a Bom. Maybe we should change the note to say government assembly jobs!

-- PeteKeller - 09 Oct 2009

Supplier approval flowhart needs to be discussed. The Flowchart only gives 2 positions authority to make any decisions. Purchasing Manager and Quality Manager.

-- PeteKeller - 09 Oct 2009

Internal audit process says that we use a audit checklist to conduct our audit. We do?

-- PeteKeller - 12 May 2010

We should eliminate 2 kinds of routers from the system so we are all using the same data.

-- SteveKreis- 21 Jan 2011

Let's look at measuring Arms as an alternate to the CMM....I think they can be used on the shop floor.

Rohmer makes an arm and others as well.

-- PeteKeller - 09 Feb 2011

General Housekeeping- The floors in QC, Production and lunchroom look bad. I got a quote from Service master to strip and rewax.

PJR auditor identified unmarked bottle of fluid in wesson oil bottle

-- SteveKreis - 29 Aug 2011

The system could describe our assembly job BOMs and Job number system better (dash number system). It is shown in purchasing, but not in Manufacturing workflow. (Pete noticed during 3rd party auditors review)

-- SteveKreis - 29 Aug 2011

PJR Auditor suggests we work on our tool storage in the shop- notices boxes of endmills in various locations without identification and somewhat disorganized.

-- SteveKreis - 31 Aug 2011

PJR auditor suggest we consider scanning NCR docs into the TWIKI system. Better visibility for NCRS.

-- SteveKreis - 31 Aug 2011

PJR auditor suggest looking into Training Tracking software over the current manual system.

-- SteveKreis - 31 Aug 2011

PJR auditor suggest we could clarify our core processes versus support processes in our sustem overview FC. Tie in Internal Audit Plan to Core Processes and QUality System Overview. Clarify Interaction of Processes.

-- SteveKreis - 31 Aug 2011

We could add the training documentation to TWIKI fairly easily. Each employee would have their own training page, updateable by their supervisor. On the top level we could add a matrix of employees down the left side and "canned" or special training at the top. The left side would be live links to the employees training record; the top would have live links to the training material included in the canned training. We could even let employees review and update their own training records with comments, etc. Let's discuss further when we are addressing our Opportunities for improvement coming out of the 2012 audit.

-- SteveKreis - 28 Jun 2012

It would be a good idea to re-train all employees on Twiki before the end of the year (2013)

-- SteveKreis - 25 Jul 2013

Day 1 2013 audit comments:

- internal audit report not being completed properly. No signatures. - internal audit record not controlled - Parker NCRs. Better job in corrective actions. 2 first article inspections on NCR. No retraining. - Training again on another issue. - containment review on NCR - concentrate on corrective action analysis- what is the ROOT cause.????

-- SteveKreis - 31 Jul 2013

AS9100 Day 2 comments - contract review great - approved supplier much better than last year. Must have an approval process. If a distributed sells, still must approve and determine they are capable. 3 year approval process is ok. Data supporting approval must be documented. - recommendation on sampling: what exactly is our process for picking a sample size?

5 nonconformances total - forms recording - incomplete audit report on audit report - no evidence of corrective action training for supervisors NCR - ineffective corrective action followup - purchasing approved supplier list

-- SteveKreis - 01 Aug 2013

PJR auditor noticed when he did a walk thru of the shop that we had calipers on the operators benches that said reference only, and he was questioning that we only use said instruments as reference only.

-- SteveFulbright - 02 Aug 2013

PJR auditor made a comment on our calibration stickers re: the way we are putting the due dates. Starting immediately we will institute putting the dates as month,day,year on our calibration stickers.

-- SteveFulbright - 02 Aug 2013

After we have the re-training of all the operators on Twiki as Steve is suggesting we need to hook back up the computer in front of Karls office window so that our operators have access to Twiki.

-- SteveFulbright - 02 Aug 2013

Steve K needs to train Nancy, Luis, Tim, John, Joe and Frank and whoever else on Twiki editing

-- Steve Kreis - 02 Apr 2014

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