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3. Terms and Definitions

Many Terms are defined and used as per ISO 9000 Quality Management System: Fundamentals and Vocabulary. These definitions are incorporated into our system.

In addition, certain definitions are defined below which are somewhat unique to the Kreis Quality System:

  • The terms “organization” and/or "Company" as used in this quality system refer to Kreis Tool & Manufacturing Company, Inc.

  • Supplier” and “Vendor” and "subcontractor" are synonymous and refer to an external source used to acquire purchased products and/or services by the organization.
  • Throughout the text of this Quality Manual wherever the term “product” occurs, it can also mean “service”.
  • The term "Key Characteristic" describes a feature of a material, process or part whose variation has a significant influence on product fit, performance, service life or manufacturability.
  • "Flying Parts" are parts which are airborne and require separate designation (for risk purposes and also customer quality requirements) from Commercial or non-flying Defense parts.
  • "Commerical Parts" are parts with end use not intended for and Aerospace or Defense Application
  • "Non-flying Defense Parts" are any Aerospace or Defense related parts which are not used on an aircraft in flight.
  • "Support Equipment" is a special designation of product indicating a non-flying Defense part which is used to support Aircraft on the ground. Also called Ground Support Equipment (GSE) or Support Equipment (SE). It carrys a separate designation because a large part of the Company's ouput is Support Equipment and also because the quality requirements are somewhat different for SE items vs other aerospace items.

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