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Configuration Management

Kreis Tool & Manufacturing recognizes the importance of configuration management and implemented a system containing the elements required by customer contract, government and regulatory authorities.

A complete configuration management system includes the following elements:

  • Concept Evaluation
  • Development
  • Design
  • Verification Qualification
  • Production
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Modification/Enhancement
  • Disposal

In the above list Kreis Tool & Manufacturing claims exclusion to all items except:

  • Verification Qualification (in regard to the quoting process)

  • Production
  • Modification/Enhancement (in regard to item revisions flowed down to Kreis Tool & Manufacturing)

The organization's configuration management system will meet the four basic requirements:

  • Configuration Identification: identify and document the functional and physical characteristics of configuration items.
  • Configuration Control: control changes to configuration items and their related documentation.
  • Configuration Status Accounting: record and report information needed to manage configuration items effectively, including the status of proposed changes and implementation status of approved changes.
  • Configuration audits: audit configuration items to verify conformance to specifications, drawings, interface control documents and other contract requirements.

When applying configuration management to a configuration item, the organization will plan in accordance with:

  • Scope
  • Complexity
  • Contract requirements

The configuration management plan will be consistent with continual improvement and will include:

  • Objectives of program
  • Responsibilities and authorities
  • Coordination with all parties
  • Related procedures, forms, records, etc.

Data transfer will be transmitted:

  • hard copy: hand delivery, courier, mail and parcel services
  • electronic: e-mail, facsimile

Under no circumstances will data be transmitted verbally without immediate electronic or hard copy confirmation with all parties involved in the verbal transmission.

The organization's configuration management process shall pertain only to:

  • configuration item review for quoting purposes
  • production process activities that are directly performed or coordinated by the organization
  • documented activities by the customer, government or regulatory authority that implement revisions to the configuration item
  • Configuration control, internally, shall be through the use of the organization's documents:

Document Control, Record Control and quality records, including, but not limited to:

  • First article inspection report
  • In-process inspection report
  • Final inspection report
  • Raw material certifications
  • Special process certifications
  • Certification of conformance

Configuration control, externally, shall be through the use of customer, government and regulatory authority documents including, but not limited to:

  • Customer contracts
  • Customer configuration item revisions
  • All applicable specifications

Configuration status shall be verified using appropriate quality records, including but not limited to:

  • Customer contract
  • Job folder
  • Job traveler
  • Inspection documentation
  • Special process supplier quality records
  • Other quality records as defined by government and regulatory authorities

Configuration documentation will be:

  • Existing organization's form (Customer Change Notice Form)
  • Customer supplied forms
  • Government and regulatory authority forms

Configuration identifiers (serial numbers) will be defined by the customer and all serial numbers within the configuration will be unique.

Configuration control is the responsibility of the customer and any changes to the product's configuration will be:

  • The responsibility of the customer to revise and document
  • Flowed down to the organization using appropriate forms of communication
  • Implemented and documented at organization using existing procedures as defined in the quality management system

Request for deviation to product configuration will be documented on:

  • Organization's Nonconforming Material Report
  • Customer, government or regulatory authority required form

Configuration verification documentation includes:

  • First article inspection documentation
  • In process inspection documentation
  • Final inspection documentation
  • Raw material certification
  • Special process certification
  • Certification of conformance: KTMC format, customer format and government or regulatory format

Internal audit of the Configuration management system is performed as scheduled in the Internal Audit plan.

Configuration audit activity will include review of, but not limited to:

  • Documentation: customer contract and specifications, government and regulatory authority requirements and the organization's quality documentation
  • Raw material: procurement, certification, identification, storage, distribution and traceability
  • Machined product: processes, procedures and in-process dimensional verification
  • Special processes: procedures, process control, process documentation, process certification, document control and record control
  • Product qualification: first article inspection, in process inspection, final inspection and certification documentation

Record Retention

Standard Retention period will be a minimum of 7 years for all documents as defined in the QSM.

This controlled QMS procedure shall be maintained in the server indefinitely.

Any hard copy of this controlled document shall be for one day after printing.

  • after one day has elapsed the document shall be used only as a reference document
  • reference documents must be verified for revision level prior to use

Obsolete documents shall be removed from area of use and disposed of as appropriate.

As appropriate, all quality records associated with this document are available for customer or regulatory agency review.

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